Wednesday, September 17, 2008

OK ppl sorry for didnt update.
was waiting for fotos by SOMEONE. haha!
cannot blame her. she v.busy i noe.
so i waited patiently for her to upload..
N FINALLY FINALLY AH she sent me~ hahas.

I spilt into two post. One is specially for my drinking kakis. lol.
Ok. My team was TEAM 4! the WINNER OF THE TRIP!
damn pro pls.
of cos. its is all thanks to WENBIN the leader n ME LO!

LOL.... Kidding la.
Thanks to the whole team. Audrey,bryce, Alvin, WeiYang, Ian, Xavin, Ivan, WeiYan,Ziyi, Yansheng and LianHuang.

Telematch damn PRO!
n my partner WEIYANG for the disco night. Our ultimate performance. LOL
We got the winner~ but real sorry for the sudden stun i did. We both suffered! lol.
But i did enjoy! hahas

Foto tym!

Below is the combination of BUS 2! team 3 and 4. Vincent,hengyi team wif wenbin n my team!
If u all did notice. XAVIN he act.. cu*e n wat is BAS looking at? HAHAHAS
v. funny foto!
Next.. look at the jeremy [ duno is jeremy or wat] 's hand he block nicholas face! hahahaha!
n wat is CHUNHAO doing? LAME! hahahas.

Vincent spastic facE! HAHAHAHAS

the 4 hunks! Look at them! so macho! WEEUWEE!.
y alvin look so sad? hahahs! onli jonas enjoying! hahas

HAHAHA! jonas lame face wif eunice's baby. hahas..
*HOR JONAS! caught u red handed! didnt noe u love stuffed toy~*

Ah. Wenbin's stun. SWALLOW EVERYONE! hahahas

Weiyan n Ivan. they lovey dovey at one corner.
And nv SHARE THEIR Chocolate!

oie! wenbin cant u see i taking foto! y u come in n spoil the pic wif ur dumb face! hahahas

SEE! IAN wan to look CUTE but CANT!
Stop showing ur braces! hahas.

i realise they reali love jump shot! HAHA.
And i think Alvin too fat cannot jump! HA HA HA

OH the models for Pangkor Island Beach Resort! hahaas.
Pretty Right! lol!

HAHAS inside the mini bus w/o windows n door. Ziyi Edy n me! look at my messy yet sexy hair! HAHAHAHAS
the Drink nt bad la. LOL
Audrey n ME! wan drink? HE HE HE

Inside Our room. My ROOM MATE got Audrey, JunRu n Ziyi~ hehe.
These guys barge into our room. SAD! lol

ME n Bryce. Y he look so sad? LOL cos i m nt.. jun... or zi... ? LOL!

EH go buy 4D! LOL. NICE BO! united as one leh! hahas..
2F03 ROX!
i duno y onli me look at the camera. the rest wat R U GUYS DOING?
Hais their loves one nt with them. den they became like that. i feel so sad for their girls! LOL
LAME GUYS u all r v. LAME.
From this pic u can see that, Hengyi n Wenbin is the Guy part. Weiyang n Alvin is the girl part! LOL
Ok i admit i super kiasu. I dun wan tan so i wear long pant, shoes, cap n sun glass. LOL

Jungle trekking tym. Lucky i wore long pant. no insect bites at ALL! woohoo! lol
Erm. i think this is the FUNNIEST FOTO! noe y?

LOOK AT WENBIN! hahas. another 中风 foto! lol

JUNRU! hahas. she saw audrey wan take foto den she faster twist! but.. hahas

Hais my grp nt buddy enuff. they throw me to the tcher table ALONE! lol. but i v.sociable. so wont DIE! in fact i manage to chat wif them! lol

Jacinta n Jiaying smile smile~ lol

Aiya the two couple la. LOL

This is why i felt like i was at prison. With two prisoner playing pingpong. LOL Vin's botak reali look like some prisoner. LOL

Telematch tym! woohoo.. WE WON WE WON! Team 4 Zai AH!

i m tryin v. hard to jump. Cant u all see we r already ahead of them? LOL
Caterpillar! 1,2 GO 1,2 GO lol!
Kayaking tym! Vin dun molest me PLS! lol
ok i noe this pic what u all wan to sae.. ACT C... i noe i noe.
Me n wenbin a TEAM! lol! but we didnt manage to kayak out! this is my REGRETS! i reali wan to kayak! i reali reali wan.

AH HA HA! audrey n bryce capsize! la la la! lol

OK disco nite tym. This is whr me n my partner weiyang suffered sorry! lol
After that. we rolled on the floor. cos its damn pain! especially when we already have muscle ache
Now wenbin is suppose to lead us. First position. YOGA! lol
Last action bridge! hahas.

N WE WON! lol. ok too many pics. later cannot upload. so i shall post the rest at the 2nd post! hahas..

Anyways. Pangkor was reali fun!

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