Monday, September 22, 2008

Karen going EMO again.

*karen go <emo corner> n drink kopi all by herself*
LAME! lol..

everytym i blog hop.
i saw many r/s thingy. but u all noe i love to listen to love stories.
So i will definitely continue.
But ending mostly sad.~

Todae was giving my buddy advice on his relationship.
wanted to plan everything nice nice for him.
den everything smooth for him!

But all from my own opinion la buddy.
u shld noe me well..
u said i can b fren wif ur aunt. lol...

cos i seriously guess i wont get into any r/s anymore.

AH! EMO EMO.. lol..

I mean i can giv opinion.. but i guess mostly r rubbish. hahas!

i duno..i reali hope to be friends with all..
get to noe each other 1st before startin a r/s
m i wrong?
Sometimes what u said cannot b reversed.
Sometimes things happened cannot regret.

I noe i might have said sth bad/hurt.
i didnt mean it.

but now its all over.
I guess u wont wan to b friends anymore.
i shall let it go too.

HA HA ..

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