Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ytd was the so called training for the leaders and assistant leaders
so in fact they were discussing the games. haha.
watever it is.

i got this craving for steamboat since wednesday when me vin n bin r at bugis.
So my two buddies they v. steady de. they promise me fridae.
they reali accomany me! Thanks man!
i asked audrey n jasmine but they both working.
so well.. bryce n hengyi joined.
they did alot of stupid action! lol

Below is Oh hengyi. lame him!Vin like aim the prawns onli. HHAS
but thanks to the prawns the soup taste wonderful!

Group fotos... Class fotos.. n Camp piak fotos.
actually no diff.. onli hengyi n bryce change place! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ok. Although Hengyi n bryce jus met one another. but they fall in love with one n other.

oh.. so sad for hengyi gf. hahahhas! hhahahas.. they couldnt resist one another n wanted to kiss infront of me! pls! Refrain urself! lol

When u two at pangkor u all can do wat u all wan! hahas...

k.. mondae i goin pangkor wif sch already... 4days 3nights.. hope i have fun. cos currently dun feel like going. watever it is.. its already have one conclusion. jus go n have fun. kkz.. bb ppl!

will update when back~

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