Monday, September 01, 2008

At home wif brothers.
Eldest sick. youngest holidaes.

me n eldest woke up ard 2 plus goin 3.

Supposed to slp whole day. but lil bro too noisy.

Watched shows like normal. hahas.

n todae. got chat wif DUMBO leh!
hahas. super long nv chat wif him.
but he did sms me. thx dumbo....
u wont get replaced la. hahas!

Dad said my eyes super swollen.
wan me to slp early. mayb i shld.
ytd online suppose to chat.
but some1 said bye to me. :(
so i went surf net den slp.

seriously.. my eyes recently havin the nerve blinking.
den i cant see anything.
gettin old?

ytd at IT Fair. my right eyes cant see anything.
so i keep blink my eyes.
HA HA ! later the uncle tot i interested in him! hahahs

anyways. mayb too lil slp cause the prob.
or mayb i gonna b blind.. n sing.. "每次点燃火柴,微微光芒,看到希望,看到梦想,看到天上的妈妈说话,她说你要勇敢你要坚强,.. ... ..." HA HA HA!
lame.. kk.
if i blind.. u all sure leave me!!!

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