Saturday, September 27, 2008

OKok. i noe i nv update.
ok. update now..

This whole week wat i have done. lol

I went to look for my Airen at Bishan.
And i saw the citibank guy. Chatted awhile den i left. cos he smoking. HAHAS
Watched WALL-E wif her.
Wa the show reali quiet all the way. Onli till the end den the captain made some speech.
beside that. the whole movie was jus "Wall E" & "Eva" all the way...

So i told Airen, Audrey n Bin that this show is suitable for those "dea*" ppl to watch
i noe i m mean. hahas. but i mean no harm. seriously.

After that, we went to AMK hub to buy present for the two Junhao(s) lol. Seriously we picked the presents for v. long. hais. Guys r jus so troublesome.

Meet Audrey out walk walk. lol.
We meet at one MRT. den i walked pass her n she didnt notice ME! ok ok cause i nt outstanding. cannot blame her. When i grabbed her hand. she was shocked. n the expression was F-U-N-N-Y!

Oh pls. that was the first time i did enrolment. I was super panicked. Afraid that i cant get into the classes i wanted. i Woke up at 9. My enrolment tym was 12 noon. how dumb i m.
I chatted with many. lol n Finally i got into the classes i wanted. Thanks god.

Meet Bin n Vin at bugis.
Supposedly to meet Bin 1st, but HE WAS LATE! as usual. lol. We went to raffles city to get his card done. lol. Thats wat buddies r for . u nid me i will b there n of cos vice versa ah! lol

Met Vin den. Went to eat the duck rice. Nt bad i shld sae. The soup was.. "flerp-jurp"
Walked ard .I seriously had fun at OG! u guys made me luff like hell!Especially bin, the water flask! lol. After that went to his mum shop to slack. lol. This tym is the buddies tym again~ We went ard to buy rojak for his mum. Went to the wrong shop n we walked to another foodcourt. lol.

Went to Dad office to help out again. Those coffee-shop uncles n aunties started to chit chat wif me again. lol. POPULAR ma. no choice. HAHA! den mum sae " like the whole coffee shop vendors like u liddat. chey" hahahas! she jealous! hahas kididng

Meet Bin at NP bus stop. HAHAS! i let him wait for like 10 mins? lol. OIE! REVENGE! hehe..
acc him eat. den saw my honey there. he got his dragonboat training. chit chatted awhile.
den we went to find Vin,Alvin,Joanne,Jacintha n Weiyang.
Seriously alvin played badminton wif me for v.long ard 3hrs pls? lol. made me run here n there. But thanks man~ i reali wan to lose some weight.

We went to beauty world for dinner.
Joanne n Jacintha acc me to find Xavin n Ian.
so the 5 of us went to NTUC n get some snacks. lol.
I was tempted so i said " eh we drink shots 1st la" so we did. but onli Me n Ian. The xavin was afraid of that smell.

Went back sch.. as usual i pranked alvin. EH its PRANK nt LIE! lol.
when he saw me. he wanted to whack me. but u guys noe.. i got my natural reaction. u hold my hands i will retaliate. so i kicked him! HAIS! sorry! lol. realli! i mean i will jus fight back! hais reali must change this bad habit of mine.

Den, we went to the club n started drinking. onli me Ian Xavin n Yijie. lol
SOMEONE ah.. jus someone tried to drunk me. our target was supposed to b X.
but he fear of the smell n i understand. jus like how i fear of the other brand.
n someone put alot of alcohol, but in the end he drink cos he lose! how dumb.
We played 21 dots. Yijie was the banker at 1st. Next was me. n pls!
ytd was FRIDAE. my day. n they dare to play wif me.
My cards was super good i keep getting "21 dots" HA HA HA!

The rest was gambling. lol

After that yijie was down.So left the 3 of us. X couldnt stand the smell. So the 3 of us went to get some tibits. den went back n continue drink. Till i reach the point of the smell is gettin to my throat. i stopped as well. So we went out sit down n chit chat.
i asked " eh dare to run on the track anot"
x said " got rumours if u run on the inner or the outer track u will see those dirty things"
ian reply " ya i heard b4 oso "
i sae " den lets go!"
Ian n X sae " dun wan i scare. "
-_-" lol
I noe Ian got read my blog..
U LOSER! LOSER! hahahas!

Ian dad jus nice was ard. So he fetched him home. i dun wan overnite so i bid farewell to the rest. Bin said he intend to overnite so i dun hav to share cab wif him.
So we walked out of school. Den me n X took cab home. On the way home, alvin n bin sms me " reach home sms me" hahas. thx man! lol. still treat me as girl ah~ lol.

Look at IAN. dumb face. but he didnt luff out loud. lol
Look at the rest. GAMBLE! hais.. bad kids.

Tryin to pose? LOLXavin keep stuffing himself wif tibits. lol.
HAHAS! alvin said " one side gamble, one side drink if kenna caught i die" LOL

Look at Alvin the smile! LOL GAY!

woke up n saw airen n vin sms.
so i forced myself up. I wanted to vomit, den test my temp. HAHA
my turn to fever. how nice it is.
Despite of my fever, i went to bath n dress up.
i smsed airen that i nt feeling well.
when i step out of my hse.. i reali reali wan vomit.
So i went back home.
i forgot to get the presents as well. lol.
My bro saw me so unwell, he cooked maggie mee for me. ask me dun empty stomach. lol
i reali no strength le. so i told airen i dun think i can make it.
n she asked me to rest.

i sms ch.slave that i cant make it as well. n wishes him the best.
sorry eh. todae will call u master instead of slave. lol

den i knocked out. i slp till 7 plus n i forced myself up.
Went to eat panadol n saw Junhao sms. Thanks oyster. n thanks for worrying. v.nice of u. den now after dinner le online to tell erwin things. n now update so tml can dun online. hahas.


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