Monday, December 03, 2007



ppl..!! LOOK HERE!


It is done by mr CHEE WENBIN!

bth him...all that love me de.. all my babies pls go n ATTACK HIM!

his foto is below.

pls pls pls.. go n make him fall down..

he ah... bth..

he so heavy.. den gei siao v light liddat..

he hop onto me.. expect me carry him.

pls.. i so SLIM n SKINNY. he still 敢敢跳上来。

wa lau eh. hai!

den i kneel down. den tadah.. BLOOD LE LA!


den i miss 1 hrs lesson cos i nid go MDE office.. apply med..

but idiot!

the 黄药水 expire.. den no cotton wool.

omg la.. everything oso dun have..

but my lovely Sweetie she walk all e way back class get her purse.. den walk all e way to CO-OP buy. but oso dun hav.. den she walk to atrium find. still dun hav..

den she go CHEERS buy.. i super 感动!

wo ai ni! SWEETIE!

n for u CHEE WENBIN! u promise to carry my laptop n do maths for me..

dun forget.

thank u!

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