Saturday, December 08, 2007

Easy to catch Hard to keep.
What it actually mean?

My thinking is that the sentence shld means
Wenbin have the same thinking with me as well.

I always have this thinking.
Am i a flirter?

i guess i really am.

Cause saying "I love u" or " i miss u"
calling others guys as " honey" "darling" "dear" "laogong" etc
is like super easy to me.
And i can click to guys faster and closer compared to girls.
In many others eyes, i might be super Flirt.
but to me.. its jus seems so normal.
so.. meaning i am a born flirter?

Its just so negative of me.

Sometimes ppl ask
"so u got miss me?"
what will u all ans?
sae "no way!"

for me. i will definately choose 2nd one.
Ok.. it depends on the person i m dealing with.

if e person i dun like, of cos i wont do it.

i guess i m like immune to all these mushy things.
like nth can touch me anymore.
i dun have e feeling of sweetness anymore.
m i turning cold-blooded?
i dun noe.

i hope..
there is some1 that i reali reali love..
n he reali reali love me too..
i guess by then..
i will have e feeling of sweetness in love.
cos i met my mr right.

but now,
i dun have e feeling.

sometimes i feel so lonely.
i wish some1 to b there..
but when some1 appeared..
i wish he wont appear so soon.
cos i dun feel like having relationship.
i dun wan to get tied down.
i wan freedom.
so i can still look at guys, still have a choice to choose.

Honestly, which girl wont wan the best choice?
i mean, some girls like me will wan to wait for the best one to appear in her life.
for me, i dun nid a prince.
but i wan to find e right one.
Right feeling, right guy, "right-handed "
ok lame.
but still i wan to choose..
even thought some might leave while i m choosing
but i believe.. the right one will appear.
but nt so soon i noe.
lets jus wait n see.


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