Sunday, December 23, 2007

duno whats wrong with me recently..

no mood to go out
no mood for xmas
no mood for dolling up.
no mood for shopping
no mood for cam whoring
no mood for...

all wan i wan for xmas is..

just let me b alone wif my family..

but still todae..
23th dec..
i goin out wif my GIRLS! my BABIES!
i v. long nv see them le.
so... for the sake of my babies..
i decided to go out~ hahhas

den they sae must dress nice nice
when did u all see me in nice outfit?
or doll up myself
i super lazy to make up de ma..

but.. baby E i wont feel left out de la..
i'm just me.. hahhaha
c'mon i m karen leh..
damn cheerful de
ok.. mayb sometimes emo..
but still....
i can CRACK JOKES de hor..

now all my babies all preparing
n me..
online chatting wif my HONEY n PEPSI!

xmas i always stay at home..
dun ever think of askin me out ah...
i dun like go out..
depend on my mood..
but for this yr.. DEFINATELY not goin out!

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