Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ytd when to Gardens to celebrate Teresa Bday!
happy bday laopo!!!

Dear came my hse 1st..return me e comics..
den she sat down in my living room..den she watch show!!
HOR HOR!!! hahahaha
Group foto showed below:Smile girls! SMILE!
Ok.. xmas coming u all noe rite?
den BabyE bought a xmas hat..
den we r like takng turn to wear n take foto.
ok i noe its lame!
but still F-U-N!

Ok.. and now i start to camWhore. hahahs

i dint do anythings to my eyes.
its natural DARK. i meant e dark rings. lol!
but i love all e ghostly pic of me..

i love them.. so fun..
i enjoyed myself! lol
muacks! meet up soon!
xmas party here i come!

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