Saturday, December 29, 2007

Was chatting wif my this long-lost fren~ lol
den recently we have been chatting.

todae he told me tat..
he dun nid friends accompany.
he jus need somone tat can chat into his heart~
so i guess he is finding now.
wish him best of luck!

i duno how it feels to find someone tat can read ur mind, noe wat u r thinking and have e same thinking wif u.. and even can chat into ur heart.
cos i nv had this "someone" appear b4.. nor being this "someone" to others.

my babies keep saying i too pessi towards relationship.
HAHA i duno
but i like who i m now!
dun change me!
i m jus me!

forgot to update..
xmas went to celebrate wif babies as i mentioned b4.
den eve i went dad office help out...
xmas at home wif family~

den recently went msia wif papa mama n bro..
my dad go collect goods, n delivery things to others.
den we go eat!

den mr MARK KO, sms me
he oso at msia..
v qiao lo~

den ytd went dad office too..
airen called..
so sorry cannot acc u...
so so so sorry..
cos i nid to help out ah..

mr hansong ask u go acc my airen
duno u got anot.
if dun hav i chop down ur head!

den todae nt feeling well.
slp til 3..
den my didi hungry..
so went out buy food for him.
now flu~
i sure tonite or tml fever le.

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