Monday, March 30, 2009

OH NO!.. it's monday again.
Means i have to go thru tues,wed,thurs n fri.

Stupid. hahas

But this week i guess i can be more relax.
Cos of the GB training.. n WALKABOUT!

Showed bin my eye candy pic..
n he luffed!!! grr...
Better den ur WeiRen ok! hahas

I m so worried now..
I 4got wat i had blog before..
cos now.. there is this big tym stalker Mr.LOO
he rmb almost all of my post! hahash
PERVERT! hahas..
Made me luff like hell.. hahash

Cooked Barley for Justin.
hope he faster recover..
Fridae party leh! hahas..
Secret remedy nice? hahahas

Walk out of company with Yandao Justin. Pai Kia PK n Yh. hahas
PK made me luff.. luff .. luff
hais.. Stop it man.. tired

ok.. now shall slp early..
i'm tired
tml is walkabout again! SLACK!

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