Sunday, March 22, 2009

Completed 2 weeks of attachment
but it seems like 2 yrs of work.

i m exhausted, worn-out..
More stress than normal sch days.
Sch days r already stressful.. Think of this module n tat.
But at least got you bunch of monkeys acc me..

This tym..
none of the monkeys r with me..
But popped out.. some funny characters.
Like Joker Pk n Walter. StudyGuy Erwin..
Happening ppl Justin.. etc.

But nt close yet.. so kinda quiet. hahas

Attachment tym couldnt Chat, online shopping, or watever.
But stress with programming which i had nv learnt before.

All i could do was to complain.
Phone with Bin.. n we grumbled abt our work.
Sms n email with Drey. She can loosen me up. nt loosen my clothes ah~
DREY: "i will unzip u!"

if online.. will go disturb Sweetie, ken, andy n shar.

hais.. watever it is..
i missed sch life.
i cant imagine in the near future.. me working in such environment.

i dun wan grow up!

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