Monday, March 16, 2009

HAHA. lazy to online, Lazy to update.
JUST lazy~
n i seriously miss hell lots of ppl.
Of cos Sweetie,dear, vin,bin, shar, ken, ben, yijie, jess, andy n many many more~
ok lets jus sae.. Majority for 2f03~ hahas

Miss our noise. Noisy till lecturers cant stand us.
Miss all of ur nonsense. Seriously.. hahahs
BUT.. no more MOON CLUB!
YEAH! hahaas.. Shall hand it over to IAN.
let him b the VP.. den my hair grow grow groW!

YX came to look for me during my 2hrs lunch.
Chit Chat abit.. n he reali brighten up my days..
Thanks BRO! hahas.. NExt tym my turn to treat u~ sept 20? HAHAHHAHAAHHA

Last fri finally meet up with all these impt ppl~
N i can jus blah out all my complains..
N they listened. n Tell me their interesting side of stories.

I enjoyed the Sharing Session.
lol.. Like church."sharing session." hahahas.
Christian shld noe.

And beside a meet up seesion.. They celebrated my bday too~!
Thanks ppl. LOVE U ALL LOTS~ <3

Have late movie with them.. PUSH~
its reali nice..

Took some pic before we all dispersed.
I duno y Vin look at me liddat.. no more MOON rite? lol

Some xtra pic den i got from E.

If alvin see my blog i think he will sae.
"Karen.. u took unglam pic again"
ALVIN faster get back to SPORE! meet up! i miss u n 5AG!

Blow the candles.. n make wish!
I look so serious cutting the cake. lol
Fridae as well..
SAESL did a mini celebration for March Babies.
So thats me. n one more xtra guy. PK! LOL!

So Fake eh his face.. Lousy actor.~ lol
One blue candle for him.
One Pink candle for me!

Green tea cake didnt taste that bad~

PK.. lets show the people out there ur "CUTE" face. lol
Found one pic..
Kelvin BDAY~ hahahas.. he look so dirty..
n he tried to hug me.. so i got abit flour too. lol
No more long hair karen~ =(
More pics with Sweetie..
Once she upload. i will u ppl~ =)

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