Saturday, September 01, 2007

sometimes i m thinking, why do i tell you all what i saw?
i mean, i could jus shut my mouth all the while.
so what if "ding dong" is here.
hahas.. from now on, if ding dong is jus bside u or right in front of u i wont say anything.
no point telling u all if u all cant do wat i do.
hahas! do i sound ridiculous?
onli my close fren noe wat i m tryin to sae..
u noe wat made my mind?
i dont like to keep scaring u all, nor myself of cos.
n if made too obvious, i will get in trouble too..
so! lets all diam diam~ ok
dont ask me "eh ding dong there?" hahas i duno~
cos i nt close wif "ding dong" too!
ho ho ho..

some might nt believe in wat i sae.
or some might suspect wat i sae.
its nt impt anymore.
cos i dun giv a damn~
believe it or not, its up to u!
jus SHUT UP!

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