Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ok! all my babyE babyM airen dear..
SAW AH! i updated le. dun keep niam wo sae i dint update!
HNG! 我不是好欺负的!

hais.. i think i recently like no mood to do anything..
i nv touch frenster at all le.. mayb when sch reopen den i start to reply testi lo

ok. duno how long ago, there is a Giordano gather.
i forgot when le la..

we all meet up.. ok.. let my introduce..

we have: Bottom: Shinyi[QingAiDe], Sheila[gdFren],Angela,Angeline[老二]

Top: Me[Fridae], Alvin and WenBao

we all eat supper.. chit chat.. den i go home early le.. lol

next event..: Went back to NgeeAnn to b helper for e Maths Carnival.

here is my Group:

i dun feel like taking fotos la.. but they 硬硬 wan take..

so i smile until v weird.. dun care la.. lol

Last event: when to meet my benben b4 he got vietnam..

cos he will miss me ah.. *shy*

so take foto.. den when he over there 3weeks he can see my foto

do we look like couple? lol

we r nt.. jus v.v.vclose fren.. =)

Ok~ todae is mooncake fest.

but my babyM,Airen n Dear haven sent me fotos.. so i shall update next tym or later. cos my babyM is sending me e fotos later. Love babyM the most! muacks! lol

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