Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yeah!! 1st tym for blood donation!
When i 1st test the blood, my blood was floating in the middle.
den vin sae "die liao lo, cannot donate"

den the nurse ask me to test again using the machine.
Jus nice i passed!! lol.
den WB sae " i knew u wont pass"
Drey is like " u anaemia nv tell them?"

den rmb L ask me declare. but.. i reali wan donate eh~ lol.. so fun one whole grp tgt.. lol

We have, Audrey, Shuianx2, Vivien, Wb, Vin,Ben,Willis,Yongque n Yijie, Bryce, Qadir and Jess.
But slowly one by one out.
Yijie cos he jus donated nt long ago,
willis cos cough
SS cos jus recover from sick,
Jess cant,
Audrey & Qadir cos cant find vein! omg! lol

jus nice Ben bside me.. so we keep disturb each other. lol..

after donation, meet L n YC for dinner.
while waiting for bus, yijie n ben know my hands and legs cold.
hahas. but i nt that giddy anymore.

den took bus with YC n a their fren. lol

Our couple bandage. lol~

Small grp of us~

Darling so sad that she cant donate. lol
WB tryin to act brave. in fact, he is v. scare of needles. lol
Saw my pack of blood? lol!
Congrats. u r nt a chicken anymore! lol

The rest while waiting for our turn

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