Saturday, October 17, 2009

gosh.. thinkin of sch starts i feel 1/2 bored..1/2 excited.
Excited cos i can see those lame faces that i missed.
for example: ken..andy..JAS..AUD! lol.. n many more others courses ppl.

Bored cos.. Bin n Vin in my class! see them oso sian. HAHAHAHA!!

now my timing is.. 5am slp... 4pm wake up.. skip lunch.. eat dinner. lol

i'm worried for tml i cant wake up for the event. lol..
hope my alarm works.

speak of alarm. hais. some1!! forgot to wake me up.. nvm..
todae 2plus i woke up.. n i started jogging hahas.
cos i got this lame competition with Bin..
2.4km run. haha!
Audrey joined.. yeah!! hu wan join the competition... lol!

5plus airen called.
i told her i wan finish bai fen bai b4 i go out. hahas
so i meet her ard 6 plus..

den L n Yc joined us.
Scare airen feels weird.. but she ok leh!
cos they 3 lame tgt..
i m the most normal person. lol..

2 more days.. n i m back to JAIL.

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