Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Went gardens to meet them.. cos hanlin enlist todae. *miss miss*
Meet stu-PID Rodney sim 1st.
he nv fail to make me luff till i cry.
always talk abt all those lame things! lol

if u all have those left over utensils, tissue paper, chili sauce etc..
Pass them to RODNEY SIM! he love them lol!

Went to Bull dog to drink. lol
And all the pictures below r taken there.
Gerald say he nt so easy to seh anymore.
hmm.. its true. Lol.

AIAI wont get drunk or red. i suspect he is not a human being lol..

Worst. RODNEY seh like duno wat shit! lol...
Lucky Joyce n Bm nv drink.. hahas.

Well overall, i think its a gr8 gathering.
cos seriously i dont reali meet up with them.

Mr.Yeo.. my camera nt that blur le rite? LOL
Rodney's lame spect.
I made a retard expression.
but rodney is born to b RETARD lol
They v.pei he wo. LOL
Joyce and HLAiai. wedding pic la hor...

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