Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Sem, New class..
Thou diff class with them..
But drey 1st day meet up for lunch with us..
n we went to install software tgt..
During the 1 & 1/2 hrs of installation, audrey lee make me luff non-stop..

man: oh, ur office nid the verfication keys. hold on ah
drey: erm.. I got the keys.

She wanted to take out her hse key! lame ass!! hahaha..
even the guy beside us luffed.

Todae morning, Vin & I woke Andy Heng up lol
den asked him to fetch us to sch..
He drove thru the Mac's lane
so we ordered breakfast. .seriously i was damn hungry. lol

after sch, ahsun came with CF to find me..
So we chit chat awhile, den CF left..
Ahsun acc me for awhile.. den i went home.

stupid ahsun wan play mahjong. but in e end i fall asleep, he oso nv confirm
HAHAHAHAHAHA! nt my fault ah.. lol

These 2 days of school, still nt that bad.

but i still miss my former class.

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