Friday, July 17, 2009

Todae 2hr break! cos its FRIDAE!
tell me ppl.. DO U LOVE FRIDAE?

Todae went T3 for lunch.
FYI, its fried chicken!!!

Some1. hais. dun wan sae the name out.
Last min PS us. hais..
nvm nvm.. we nt impt to he/her.
its ok de.. hais. disappointed only. haha!
i bet her/he is guilty now. hor 2nd senior

Jin, the Korean IA student went with us instead..
he is rather cute..
Asked him to teach us simple korean..
so my ali is now.. AHJUSSI! lol.. hahahas
2nd senior is PABO!

All of them r camera shy..
so in e end dint manage to take any pictures..

After i ate the chicken, den i realise i dint take pictures~!
aww~.. hahas
nvm.. there will always be a 2nd tym hahas.

Still! end with one of my pic! hahas..

while i taking this pic, YH keep sae " this angle nice.. this angle nice"
BUT!! i onli this angle nice onli! the rest cannot SEE! HAHAAHAHA

Yeah.. update when i got more food..

Todae JJ's weight is 59KG! pro ah. i oso nid minus fat le.


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