Monday, July 27, 2009

Short update ah.
lazy to sort the pics accordingly. hahas

Went to the RSVP HOUSE 98.7fm~
thx to bryce for the tickets..
he is like close with the DeeJays..

but Me Audrey n Andy duno hu is hu! hahahahs
We were there for the drinks! yoohoo!

Ok this picture.. GREEN!! unique fridae. hahas
If i m nt wrong this is call Justin. HAHA Next Daniel Ong.
This is the only one Me n Audrey noes. LOL
Started drinking..

Andy high already. hahas

Me n drey. i think we jus started drinking..
both nt red yet. hahas

i like this..
red bull choya~

Desiree.. She is frenly n freaking slim~ lol
Vodka Sprite on the left,
Whiskey on the rock on my right
which one u wan?
Apparently Andy picked Whiskey.

And he spill it~ dumb~ lol

We got bored.. so we play 5-10

Drey spill her drink too! lol
Drink too much..
run out of all the whiskey.
left with beer.~ lol

4 redish nuts. lol

Everytym Andy goin to drunk
he will open his eye wide! lol
Ms vendatta? lol

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