Sunday, July 26, 2009

2nd post..
Its fridae night! how can i waste a fri nite rite? LOL

its MY NIGHT! lol..

so went to JJ hse to party.. erm..
Theresia brought her half bottle RUBY RED.
Ahjusshi brought his Cordon blue.
We left de V.S.O.P
All finish ah!! lol..

i feel so bad for XG. Sorry hais.
didnt mean to drunk u. hais
its all JJ idea. hais.. lol

fri got alot ppl!
got. YK, Theresia, Meina, Trey, JJ, PP,YH
ME n JJ~

sorry PP. i noe u v.xinku that nite sorry~

Meina! my tcher! hahahs
Alot more pic with theresia.
when she sent me.. den i update ah. LOL

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