Sunday, July 26, 2009

OK alot things to update.
one by one eh~ LOL..

First.. Start from This weekdays.

Fridae 2hrs brk went to the airport that i owned for lunch. lol
went Changi airport for lunch..

Alibaba, wanted to eat aijisen. but in the end. we couldnt find it
so went swensen instead. lol
We travlled from T3 to T1 den to T2.
machiam like alot of time la~ LOL
JJ sae this pic nice.
Picture of the day den~ lol

Started from T3 den board the sky train.
Its sky train nt MRT OK! lol

After we finish the walkabout in the airport.
we settled down..

My black pepper seafood pasta!
all the black pepper will stuck on ur teeth! LOL

Ali baba said it was spicy.

i duno wat he added in. lol

i like this bottle!

i wan to get one myself! hahahas

Thurs i intend to skip lunch.

but thats to them.. i ate sakae bento. LOL

Delivery o~ lol
My fav!

chawamushi~ lol..

ok.. this is out of the food topic..'

can u guys see a blue-tag here? this is my new buddy. LOL

How long can u all pull? lol.

around this length?
BOO! lousy~ hahas

LOOK AT MINE! pro eh pro eh? LOL
OK will update more~ hahahs..

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