Thursday, July 16, 2009

hey hey! hahas
jus wanna upload some pictures here..
Recently attachment nth special. hahas..

tml gonna go eat POPEYE! i 1st tym go eat.
but duno if in the end will go anot. but hope so eh! lol

I think recently i more n more glutton.
AUDREY! u show me the steamboat list rmb? for the JADE steamboat?
till now haven go la! hais..
n our Holidays plan.. hahaha..

Jus to share with guys..
This is my work desk cupboard. filled with FOOD! hahas
wan eat must action fast.
got a pig call TREY love all these snacks so nid replenish for this PIG! hahasNext. found this in my hp..
ANDY HENG! you nv fail to make me luff! HAHAHAHA
MY darling..
eat more pls!
He nid flash~
*oh shar u noe i love you~ HAHA*
wear this sunglass, my face look smaller!!
n my laogong oso got one.. hehe..
*ok i can imagine u all de reaction le hahas*

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