Sunday, April 05, 2009

Yeah.. this week my attachment pass v.v. fast!
Cos its the Green Belt training..
All i nid to do is Video the games...

And there is buffet.. tea brk.. omg!!
except for those hot dogs n cheese cake. yucks~

N i had fun with all of them... hahahs

Wenbin!! see my hair!! ALOT RITE!!!
i official quit MOON CLUB!
dun jealous.. lalalala~The serious karen at work~
Eh dun sae i do nth~ i reali did film those ppl~ hahas

Professional ok~..

Let me introduce.

This is my JUS-JUS! hahas

Walter,Erwin n pretty Fridae. hahas
We r listening to the talk. hahas
So hardworking rite?

but... they ended up talking!
Walter: eh ytd i went gym and work out~
Erwin: huh.. *cry* i didnt manage to see ur 6 pac.

Walter:*Yawn..* when will it end?

YH: i want to slp.. ZzzZ

My Pp sae he take picture i always nv pose.
So i Posed!

My Pp v.sweet. he noe i got ulcer.. n he took this for me!!
*eh.. i nv curse faith.. n i duno y i tio ulcer!!!*

Saw saw? Sweet rite..
but in fact he had nth to do!

They bully me.. so i had to sit on the flr!!
n my Retard FACE! HAHAHA

See my PP.. 你跟拍照啊!

Our Sexy legs~ WEEUWEE
*ok shar.. i noe i love to take pic of legs. hahas*

My JJ.. so sHuai eh his side view.. hahas
Classic ah..
I post this up n add into my UNGLAM album.
PP take DE! he always take my ugly PIC! ROAR!
But i oso got his!!! hahahahs
Eh erwin.. dun emo leh.. sit one corner.. hais
BUT I OSO EMO!!! lame!
Last.. my JJ side view again.. TaoYan.. hahahs

Fridae nite went to JJ hse n drink..


I shall update when they sent me pictures~ hehe

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