Sunday, April 19, 2009

It has been 6 weeks since attachment started
And most imptly i dint touch on my weekly reports.

Soon it will be June.. den some1 will have to leave.
hahas! n that some1 dun wan me to "RECALL" him. lol
ok. Change topic ah~

A sae nv update. so shall update abit b4 i start on my reports.
Went to meet my Babies..
Its like been ages since we last met.
so this tym.. did a mini update on each other.
n they kept mentioning on JJ
Y not.. PQ n M open a fan club for him? hahaha

den fridae went to this nice place with P,J &YH
after tat. .went to P hse. showed them almost everything in my harddisk.
Just for laugh.. hehe.
n P shared his too.
took some pictures..
n J sent me home. dumb him! he leave so near to P hse.. but still insist on sending me home 1st.
u let the Taxi Uncle earn alot! lol

Ytd nite put the teeth whitening thing..
now.. my teeth hurt! hais.
but later mum cooking steamboat!

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