Sunday, April 12, 2009

My laptop died on me!
Bro tryin to fix it.. Thanks god that i have a Amazing.. Knows-everything Bro. hahas
Love him to the MAX!

Short update..
Good fridae this week! thanks me~ hahas

Meet up with Jas,Drey,Bin,Vin,Ken,Bryce n ANDY!
Catch up session..
Shared this n that..
I know that me n Drey r noisy due to our laughters.
hahas~ Sorry peeps.

My sweetie more n more pretty le.. woohoo! hahahs..
N at least i noe the rest of my sweethearts r fine. hahas.
Miss them more n more..
Cant wait to go back sch n enjoy every single day! hahas

After the meet up. JJ n PP came to look for me..
Thanks for coming all the way boys. love love..

So we settled down. n it started to rain.
But P went to look for shops to get mixer n ice.
But was in vain.
Then J walked another direction.
N this mighty J found the store.. n bought stuffs back! hahas.

Chit chat.. Played games.
Tym with them is like.. WHOOSH.. passed ultra fast.
So soon it was 4 in e morning.

Took cab home with them.
Told them nt to worry..but they insist to sent me home.
Thanks Boys.

Update the fotos once my laptop revive.

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