Sunday, January 04, 2009

So fast sch gonna start.
omg.. i haven even enjoyed myself la!

but nvm.. can see my classmates n hav fun..
beside those stupid early lesson like THUR N FRI!
which r taught by her..
the rest i m okay wif it. lol!

Spent my NEWYEAR wif my babies..
love them.. so much laughters!
n aftertat i acc my parents to uncle alvin hse..
it was the most noisy countdown i had even went through. lol

will update the fotos next tym.

everydae i will dream.. so... make me so tired!
todae my dream is so EXCITING! omg omg..

i dream of me, audrey n jasmine~ hahas
i was in a temple disguise as a man.
den the master wan me to follow a grp of monk to other country n collect some script
but i m nt the monkey nor pig.

den we were running away from the temple. got alot of secret passage.
so we tried one by one.
alot of 暗器。but we r skilful n we avoided all of them...

den drey n jas appeared on the road.. they were running wif us..
i duno y.. mayb they typical sporean.. see ppl run they run. lol!

watever, so we were all running..
den drey sprained her ankle.. onli me n jas helped her..
the rest of the monk ran towards the boat..

so we were carring drey n run..
den behind were a grp of assassin!
the boat r drifting, it already start leavin us!!

panicked n duno wat to do.
the monk shouted" JUMP DOWN~~"

the height was ard 10 storey high! i duno y so high oso.. lol..
left we no choice, we throw drey down! HAHA!
den followed by jasmine den me~
the feelin is so shiok! den reach the water.. den dive dive..
den we 3 swim towards the boat..
den we r safe..

fun eh? LOL

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