Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back from batam! lol
nth much to do there. More for relaxing~ hahas
n i reali did enjoy!

Tat morning when i was leaving spore, dumbo oso jus nice goin msia!
hahas we got telepathy! hahas

When we reach batam,we got onto our Tour Bus.
Half way through the tour,we left.
Cos bro dun like to move as a tour n also the bus hav no air-con, jus like a oven.

Almost every meal was seafood! hahas.
their seafood wasnt yummy, but u all noe, i love to eat, so i still finished it all! hahas

Wanted to buy some gift back, but there was nth for me to buy. hahas
this trip i ended up empty handed. lol

My whole family.
Kris, n my big tummy dad n my mum! lol
Me n kris in our lovely hotel! weeuwee. HAHA
My idiot kor, tryin to act idiot behind me!
the 3 ER siblings! lol
the two of them tip-toeing tryin to compete for height~ lol
My kor said: "eh karen ppl sae i wear sunglass like LEE XIAO LONG! u think leh?"
den he wear my sunglass lol
I tot my elder bro:"kor my fren alvin sae i take foto n real life diff. real anot?"
den he nod head: "but both oso ugly" THX AH!
I duno y my bro so idiot, hahas look at his stupid face!
My long hair! flert jerp rite! lol
i didnt notice it was this long!

Me n my dad.

The youngest n the old one playing.
Daddy.. ur pose sexy eh!

Yo yo check it out yo.. my mum!
My blur blur dad.

My bro sae i look fat with the jacket. so i took it off. but like no DIFF! lol

Kung Fu! me wif LEE XIAO LONG!
Hais me another idiot bro. Look at his spects
Isnt he cute? hahas!
n i cut his nerd hair! HAHAHA! Tat dae i was too angry wif him n i cut off his hair! HAHA

Here comes the story!
Ken: Dun MOVE!
Kris: AH!!
Karen:*take foto*
Ken: I goin to BITE U!
Kris: dun la i paiseh!
Ken: Whoa i m FULL! thx for ur blood!
Kris: ah~no strength~

Inside the ferry. i gonna puke if i sit any minute longer~ headache like free~

Hahah finally update le. getting more n more lazy to update ~ lol

it gonna b awhile when i update~

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