Sunday, January 18, 2009

HAHA i noe i shld update..
but u noe.. i m so super lazy. haha

I helped my lil bro n my dad cut their hair!
its super fun! hahas
cos they sit up straight n let me cut! the feeling is SONG AH! lol..
its pay back tym! cos they always bully me
but.. i m a kind girl. lol so i tried my best to cut.
n they like it! yeah~ hahas..
Who wan to b next?
Vin? Bin?Dumbo? Ken? DH? 5AG? Jie? KaiYang? HE HE HE

Sch reopen for 2 weeks alrdy.
Dun have that serious mood to study..
but i have to.. cos exam r near..

Although all r super long picture
but i still decided to upload them.

One of the outing with my babies..

Ate at DIANXIAOER! the food was flert jerp! i dun mind go again!!

Die die must drink their SOUP! HAHA!
My two precious girls!

Look at the other 3. Eat till so happy.
Look at the FOOD! omg.. hungry again!
I ate the whole duck ! LOL
Went baby hse to slack n drink.
Below r all grp fotos!

6 crazy girls!

Last classic pic.

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