Monday, January 19, 2009

OK. Another late update. hahash

Pretend now is 13 Jan ah. lol

HAPPY 19th BDAY! my BABY H!!! woohoo! lol..
After school meet up with Justin n Sam to go out tgt.
Den E say she wan come my hse 1st.
so i waited for her.

den meet the rest n went to Holland village.
When i told my poly ppl i goin HV. all reply me " Go see AhGua ah?" dots

They all dress up la. hahas!
Onli m n E.. u all noe.. i dun dress / doll up de.
nature is beauty! ahahahha no la. lazy.

We went to a place call JACOB's CAFE.
Food okok onli. rate 5.5/10
The ambience is nice. But the food okok onli. hahas!


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