Friday, January 23, 2009

Went to Ahma hse last week. Py was snatching my Laogong with me.
LOL. two crazy girls till my cousin cannot stand it n scold us. lol
den we counter attack him.

Benson n Timothy at 1st super scare me. i duno y. i m like so kind.
but later after tat they keep stick to me n dun let me go home
lol. they finally understand that "Karen jie jie is"
lol.. I gave them the Doraemon cookie that i bought from fren. lol
But they didnt reali like it. so.. "X u liar! u said its nice!"

Finally left their hse at midnite.

Todae cough like hell..In bus cough like no body business.
Aunties all giving me the weird stare.
Lucky no blood, if not they sure all run away.
So i quickly sms wif Drey n Bin to cover my shyness. LOL

When to class wif Bin.. lol
Lesson tym like usual super noisy! hahahs.
but FUN.

Went home after extra lesson.
Board the bus..
ok sth sweet happened.

now skype wif a idiot LOSER.
who self-claim. "shuai ge" make me puke onli

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