Monday, December 29, 2008

Xmas eve.. went to Xian hse to celebrate.
surprise dat i went there? me too. HAHAS!

KQ n I went tgt..
Surpising that i still rmb how to walk there!

n i nid to thanks mr KQ for sending me home.
N i noe u r a gr8 buddy, acc me n walk home wif me at ard 4-5am. thx!

LimYiXian. now i got evidence u bully ME!
Me n aiai like duno lookin at wat new technology stuffs. lol
dun blame us.. we r from africa. lolThe girls~
Teeyue,Joyce,Baoman n me~ See my height! woohoo! lol
Ok ok.. i bend down lol
now is ALL the girls.

The 3 stupid guys~
Wa gerald muscle big meh? LOL

Busy watching tv. lol

Xian spastic face

Ty n her bf~ the beer commercial lol

Ok, at the point of tym.. gerald was drunk. LOL

Aiai super long hair.
hope he did cut it away~ lol
Some of us played heart attack~ lol
NY got hit! lol

I m so happy being the winner! 1,2,3 SLAP! lol
Yeah! i m the winner! lol

Den went to OBAR for more drinks.
1st tym went there.. n that was their normally hangout place.
Gerald became MERLION!
n he said he wan make me drunk!
another loser i noe. LOL

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