Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whoa. i m like the last one to blog abt this. LOL
Peiqi u waiting for me to blog rite? LOL

Firstly.. i would like to apologise to Tan PeiQi! lol
Cos i forgot fridae i got camp. Hais. lucky bin reminded me.
Anyways will make up to u next week.
Wat to do.. Pretty girl is a Busy girl. lol
but for slave. Ugly guy is a busy guy. he oso always busy. lol.

Ok. So monday deepavali~ We had fun too!
nt with those indians. lol.
i meant we had a advance bday celebration for my AIREN! woohoo~ lol

Was thinking whr to go. what to do.
Either movie or kbox.
Airen love to sing so much.. so decided to go Cine to sing.

So unlucky. once we alight from our stop.
*roar.... poosh.. pwee.. * LOL! [doesnt sound like rain? lol]
ok. it was raining cats n dogs or rather lion n tigers! lol

N the prob is. normally we will bring umbrella, but that day no1 did! LOL
so we went to 7-11 to buy.
Shared with a passer-by. she oso wanted to go cine.
so together gether lo. lol

Me n Mich was basically half drenched. LOL
but Bday girl too. hahas~

i was like freezing in kbox, till we ordered the HOT HONEY LEMON

When ervina drank hers, it was super lemon! LOL n she was like complaining! hahahaha
n while i was singing, she tried to stir my lemon to make it more 'LEMON'
LOL but who noes.. mine turn out to b honey!
HAHAHA! den she said the waitress bias. lalalala!

Den one of the staffs came in n said
"Wow u girls r pretty, come let me take a foto of u all. make u all the kbox 代言人" LOL!
okok the truth is..
"erm, can i take a foto of u all? This is for a lucky draw"
HAHA! but we refused! cos.. we noe we will b popular~ HAHAHA!

nah. we took foto using peiqi's cam lol.

Ervina said " Eh we act like kids la. den peiqi is the mummy/tcher" LOL
but i think it turned out to b a failure. LOL

While my baby ervina r singing. me n dear was bored. LOL! kidding la~
her voice so nice n got 爆发力. we are too mesmerize by it. lol!
I duno y, when cam infront of me.
i will do stupid face. LOL!
i think is becos i m stupid. or the person taking foto of me is RETARDED! lol
Yeah.. Me n my Airen. the bday girl~!! lol

Ok.. When me n airen is like so focusing on singing. Those 3 at the back was super quiet.
For once i tot. " oh mus b we sing till too nice. they r attracted!"
Godness sake. THEY R NOT! lol they r busy taking fotos! lol..
When we n airen turned back, the 3 of them r posing! LOL.
*Hor hor.. u 3 take foto.. sure quarrel! LOL*
When i saw this foto. i duno if i shld rotate the pic. lol. y u two de head diff direction?
lol. v. diff to see leh!!!

Me n my Dear Jeraldine! loves loves.

Me n baby. take foto n foto n foto. till i m SICK of my face! LOL

Of cos, after a ugly pic here comes a normal pic.~ LOL
Hais.. here comes the clown karen! LOL
still got one more super ugly de. lucky ervina nv show.
Phew. thanks god! LOL
Wifey teresa came to meet us after singing! Yeah! LOL
After Singing, we r troubled of whr to eat. LOL.
den.. Airen n Mich v.enthu of goin back to Chomp chomp n eat.
so we went back..
N the food is Flert Jerp! LOL.
we order.. LaLA! StingRay! SaladYouTiao! n Sambal potato leaves! OMG! OMG!
ChickenWings! Satay! SugarCane! LOL
nice nice. lol.
den cake session. lol..

See. she fake smile. actually she is too full to eat the cake! LOL

As for me.. happily drinking eating slacking~ LOL

This picture show that..
Pq:"ok i cut for u all."
Na:"How can bday girl cut. Eh u all auto abit leh. i busy taking foto!"
Jer:"Hai ok lo. i do. Come mummy i cut."
Pq:"Aiya u duno how to cut later v.ugly."
Jer:" MA. Let me Do!"
Ter:"Hmm. wat is this?"
Happy ending!
Me.Ervina.Teresa.Jeraline! hahas!
1 bday girl n the charlie angels. LOL

N todae was Social psy lesson.
Vin acted Ah gua n walked ard. LOL!
fotos wif Lixue n Willis so will update once they sent me~ LOL

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