Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hais.. flu flu go away..
come again another dae.

Still Flu..
now additional of Cough..

mum urged me to see doc.
but dun intend to waste money. hahas!
small prob only

hahas. Intended to go jog one dae, but bin sae flu cannot run.
so i heed his advice. [Actual fact is i LAZY! haha!]
But one of days i still jogged.
n i was catching for breathe like no ppl biz.
anyway AIR IS FREE isnt it? lol.
n bro asked me stopped sae nt healthy flu n run later leads to bigger prob.
got so serious anot? lol.
so i stopped. [HAHA! same reason. LAZY]

Everynite i will dream, but monday' dream was tiring.
lol. I was running away from a bunch of psychic ppl.
hahas! thanks to Johnny Smith. Read too much abt him. haha~

Wed went for the social psychology class.
n Next Wed if ppl, u all wan to watch free show
plus go to Ngee Ann City outside, Next Wed time ard 10-12pm.
Got free AH GUA SHOW!
n the person is..
v...v... hahas.. duno he wan let ppl noe anot.
its part of a experiment for our project.
gonna be fun.
We gonna record all the expressions ppl r giving. lol..

Life got boring again.
Wake up early prepare to go sch..
Brain generating signal of " when can i get home.? i wan to slp more"

Reached home den fall asleep.
this is KAREN ER's LIFE.!

i dun like to go out.
weird? hahas. i love to stay at home. hehe~

Mon goin out wif babies.
celebrate airen bday.
hahas. hope everyone will have fun den.
hahas. hope i will b full of energy that dae!!!
n more laughters will surround us! hehe~

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