Monday, October 13, 2008

YEAH n HAIS for sch reopen~ lol
i guess i m. LOL

YEAH cos can see frens again! woohoo
have fun n enjoy every dae of laughters!

HAIS cos the timetable is like OMG!
thur n fri till 4.
oie. FRIDAE is my DAY LEH! cant i enjoy?

Todae early monring
i saw drey sms.. den mr.Kaiyang.
Thx leh kaiyang.. early in the morning tell me "1st day of sch eh"
lol. Den Gaowen smsed too
but hais.. he is di siao ppl de.
OIE GAOWEN! pls sae Thank You~ i accompanied u sms till u reach sch rite.
but u v.stupid eh.. anyhow bluff oso believe.
chey! dumb.

Took 74 to sch. missed 1st bus.. Joanne was inside.. hahas too bad.
she smsed me ask me y i didnt run for the bus if nt can same bus.
so we smsed on the way.

Den justin smsed me. cos we same bus~ hahas
too bad u no seat~ la la la

1st dae of sch.. i didnt slp on the journey.
morning smsing with them.
after sch smsing wif doggy.eugene~
lol.. v. long nv sms wif him le.. hahas

Todae in school saw alot friends!
YEAH! alot ppl. hahhas..
saw Alvin, Weiyang, Yijie , Ben , Eunice, Kaiyang, Daniel, Kelvin, Ponewai aiya ALOT! hahas

Reached home super hungry.
cook maggie mee.
den knock off.. slp till 9 plus.
now mum cooking woohoo! hahas
okok.. lazy to online. so

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