Friday, July 05, 2013


Since young, i didnt like applying any beauty product on my face.
I hate toner, moisturizer, night cream etc.. I dislike the sticky feeling on my face when i sleep..

However i have heard many ppl telling me to apply sunblock and moisturizer if not i will regret when i get older. I have nv heed their advice.
But now, my complexion is giving me more n more problems. And i m indeed consider old, plus i didnt take care of my skin since young.

so now, i am super afraid that i will age too fast beyond recognition. Moreover, female age faster than male and my bf is younger than me. So i have to look young! haha.. 
Therefore, i start to apply masks at night. 

This is my 2nd time applying mask. I bought them from TonyMoly in msia. cos my uni girls seems to be frequent customers of the brand. So i decided to give it a try. I love the texture of the mask, its really thin and it stick to ur face perfectly. 
Hope I will b determined and keep doing this, cos i m one of the impatient and not consistent in doing things. Hahaha.. but for my beauty sake. I shall try my best..

Hope it can revive my skin! hehe.. 

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