Monday, July 29, 2013

Special day

Today, as usual.. Baby overnighted at my crib. Woke up n see his sleepy face is what I feels blissful at that moment. 
Gave him lots of kisses to wake him up. 

We laze ard for awhile. And my parents suggested that we four can go tiong bahru market for lunch. And we went. 

I dumped him alone with my dad cause I accompanied my mum to queue for dessert. Haha. But I saw them chatting smoothly. I felt quite at ease.. Cos his is an introvert! Especially to senior/elderly. Haha. 

I asked him what they talked Abt? 
Him: dont tell u! Who ask u pangseh me! 
Me: I nv! I got signal u. See if u wanna go queue with me.! 
Him: nah.. 
Me: so? Were u both talking Abt our wedding banquet? Western or Chinese style? 
Him: hahahahaha! How come u so clever? 

As if! Haha. 

Well.. But my mum said Sth today n made me feels over the moon!

Mum said to Louis: to be honest, I like  you alot. I really hope you and her (me) can last forever n get married. 

And baby just smile like a fool! Hahaha. 
But I feels sweet! Mum gave him "green light" to be her son-In-law haha. 

Den I told baby: wow now I have to get ur parent's permission.  
And he replied: long ago they alrdy approve u to be daughter-in-law 

Haha. Hope everything goes well. N we will be like this forever! Muacks! I love u silly. 

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