Thursday, December 03, 2009

Update for the sake of updating..
5ag sae attachement boring ah. so must update to entertain him..

The soccer match was seriously AWESOME!
the games were so exciting that u wont even wan to blink ur eyes
thou i did blink~

Audrey lee's bag is like a precious baby to her.
She handle it with C A R E.
when i said C A R E .. i reali mean it.
she pushed me away jus to protect her bag.
so meaning. compared her n my life.
my life is totally worthless!! idiot...

Seriously i think Ben, 5ag, Ken, Andy, Vin, CY when they play soccer
they look so handsome. Got the x-factor.
but when they finished playing..
aww.. den no more gd image for them LOL!.

la la la.
short post.!
shall update abt the chalet soon!

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