Sunday, December 06, 2009

first thing first.
and of cos..

celebrated teresa bday on fridae.
did a mini countdown for her.
hope she is nt disappointed by that.
hehe. will update once i received those pictures.

andy came to pick me up from E's hse.
E is such a sweetheart, she acc me till andy come.
thanks baby. LOVES!
den we headed down to East Coast for Alvin's chalet!
I forgot to buy ice n cups.
so we went out to buy snacks n all.

den.. started the drinking session..
There were 第二顺位, DH, 5ag, Ken,Ben,Vin,Andy,G n 3 new frens.
as usual, Vin was the 1st to down.
He was so funny when he was drunk.
We blasted the music, dance, drink..
n the fan blade dropped down~! thx ah WY n A. lol
but its ok. i can take it~ i m the man~

Wy is like the warrior n shield me from alot of alcohol.
LOL!. thanks~
Ben became Merlion. he puked 5times. my gosh~
i have been to him. haha.

第二顺位 treat me v. good too~
he covered me with blanket.. rmb tat i wanna drink soup.
and many tiny winy things.
like lent me his hp when he oso low batt. open the food for me, prepare drinks
EH i did notice all these OK! idiot.. lol

Ken is super funny. he keep repeating.
"karen, 在我Year1的时候我。。。"
CRAP! all CRAP cos he repeated the same thing to jacintha! lol

i had so much fun with them!!

Alvin chan~ hope u did enjoyed ok.
All the presents and all the wishes.
I even went down to overnite! r u touched? LOL
Thanks for the food n all, the bread, nasi lemak, n ur bday food.
21 already! old man! hahaha.

n my hp went flat after on the fone with baby.
guess he was worried.
so i did contact him. but it was ahem.. abit late. LOL!
dun worry dun worry.

Lazy. and asked my bro to come n fetch me home.
jie acc me out of the chalet.
thx again! HEHEHEE
n bin lent me his hp.
THANKS! hehehehe

fun fun. but tml onwards no fun cos..
TEST, CT and PROJECTS! hais.

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