Friday, December 11, 2009

I felt so irritated after reading someone's blog.
In his blog, there is no content but crap essays abt others.
Who the hell do he think he is?

Keep repeating that he dun give a damn in his studies.
den why is he still studying?
must as well jus drop out, den he will not nid to face all those retards he mentioned in his blog.
or maybe he is too dumb that he dont even noe how to drop out.
all he could do is jus to stay at home..
and blog abt how bad others are.
but pls.. take a look at urself.

u seems perfectly alright with us.
but in fact, deep down.. u hated us.
this is jus a hypocrite. So what if we dont know how to spell certain words.
does tat make u feel that u r smarter than us?
that's BULL SHIT!

oh pls..
if u seriously dun like poly life or watsoever.
u said tat u dun care if others outcast or wat.
den y not u start outcasting urself from now onwards.
dun mix with us or them anymore.
go somewhr that suits u.
but i guess it will b the rubbish dump.
just go away. u dun fit to b with us.

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