Monday, December 15, 2008

Ok, update ah~
this shall be a meaningless post. HAHA!

This post shall be abt my poly life and friends.

Starting with.....
one practical lab, when our this v.lame lecturer was teaching.
bryce,audrey got nth to do, so they started to do some stupid stuffs.
as u can see below...

Tryin to make him drink milk.

den after drink milk, they tried to make joshua ,angel. YUCKS

Random skip..

One dae at the Club house, Audrey n I saw this mask, so we out of curiosity we wore it.
Monster n Audrey.

Cute girl with AH! MONSTER!
i seriously dun get it... y my hp always got photos of ppl's moon.
n mostly are WENBIN"S~
2nd post oso his moon. but nt that serious rite.
My 5AH n President. They havin a serious meeting about the future of the MOON CLUB

Was lookin through my HP.

Got some STUPID pic.. n Random pic. so decided to upload here..

I duno y my guys classmate love to take ppl hp n take foto of themselves..
below r the examples..

First candidate~ Ken!

HAHA. decided to pair him up with this mr KEN pig.

2nd candidate. ANDY HENG

Paired him up with mr.ANDY pig!

Last candidate.. SHARVA!

HAHAS ok.. One of my poly life days.
MY class guys said : Eh we go n find one empty class n watch horror movie la. dare a not?
class: ok lo. lets go
Andy: Use my laptop.
*whole class watching..*
Look at Ken n Andy, paying full attention to the movie.
Andy: i scare!! i wan to hide!!!
Class: no1 care him.
Andy: AH! dun watch le la!
*den andy he lie on the table n cover his face.*
Class: All luff!
When a teacher enter the room, That was when the ghost from the horror show appear.
So whole class wanted to leave.
But Andy Heng still scare! he dun dare to off his laptop!
HAHAHA damn stupid.
Last pic of this meaningless post.
Bryce Ang. lol
OK meaningless post rite?
but i updated! lalalalala..
tml goin to be a full day activity~ hahas
update soon.

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