Monday, December 22, 2008

Forgot to update..
Went to my Kor 21st bday.
Xl my god bro. lol.. I can sae he is out of so many kor i have, he v.steady de
And of cos teng wo..

Jookiah oso~ hahas. nv forget u.

Abit sorry for being a spoiler in his chalet. hahas.
but i noe he wont blame me! lol.

Picture tym. With the grp~
Sinlee,WoonChong, Sherwin,Andy, Peiqi ,XL kor n ME!
the front 3 ppl r like super fair, the back one like so tanned! LOLMe Kor, Airen and Slave

This lil girl stick to pq. lol cos PQ got the presch tcher aura! LOL
Next update till VINCENT HONG sent me the fotos.
which is like one WEEK! lol

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