Tuesday, November 11, 2008

todae wake up super nt feeling well..
heavy head, warm eyes, sensation of vomit.

but thinking "shld i rest or go sch?"
den PMR n WADproject meeting pop into my mind
den i went to wash up.

decided to wear comfortable attire.

Reached sch, told bin i nt feeling well.
den he sae " u pregnant ah?" hais. lol.
but during SE i feelin much more better.

den meet alvin wy as normal.
den whole grp go lunch at SIM.
i at the you mian. nt feelin still eat. cos i find it v.nice.
if nv finish v.waste..

den tadah..
i wan vomit!
but the feeling makin me v.xinku..

den alvin sae "walau u pregnant ah? whose de"
see! not creative.
den he same lame things! i shall nt blog.. lol
if nt spoil ur reputation! lol.

den meet the smoker gangs.
but i nv go near them.
so me wy n bin sit at one corner.
den wy see me v. xinku.. n he first aids de lol
so he sae he teach me how to vomit
but i still didnt vomit.
thanks anyway log head. lol..

den reached home..
ian oso said " u pregnant ah?"
SEE! all same thinking.
y no creativity? so lousy! CHEY! lol

Anyways thanks for all the concern, Audrey, Jasmine, Jessica, Bin, Vin, Kennedy, Shar, Andy, Alvin, Weiyang,Yijie,Que,Ben. n for bryce n yuemin keep sae things like wan see merlion n ym fav action.. thx ah.

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