Thursday, November 20, 2008

lalala.. i noe i seldom update recently.
Cos 1stly someone said my blog was boring. Mr.LimYiWei!.
so i no mood to blog anymore. hahas!

kididng la.. i m seriously busy wif things.
24hrs doesnt seem enuff for me.
My brain is generating alot of stuffs everydae.
I m so tired.. Think of This n Tat.

N i haven even get 1/4 of my stuffs done.
n now if u ppl wan me to get out shopping relax, i can sae
" IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! " The time is rushing me, my brain is rushing me.
i m feelin the pressure. Think of DEC. EM3B, PMR, WAD.
i noe i will drop all my hair sooner or later. n i m can the President of Moon Club!
nah.. wenbin's hair will drop 1st. lalala

Ok, shall update asap n gt back to my work~
Mondae was a belated bday celebration for my Sweetie!
Met Audrey n Jess early in the mornin to get mini cake for her.
cos every tym the bday cake always cannot finish so wasted.
Saw Vin, Ym n Bryce so we all went to get it tgt.

Den went alumni to eat.

OMG! Y my sweetie stomach got my SUMMER inside?
Audrey: I wanna scare karen's summer out! RETURN TO KAREN! BOO!
Wat caused my sweetie to b liddat?
COS OF ALL THESE FOOD! omg omg omg!SEE in 1 sec, everything finish.
Bryce: "Still hungry leh.. ok eat milo! "

Hais.. we so XINKU go n get the cake. but CHEE GO N EAT!

Bcos of she wan take foto, me n kennedy nid to hide from the camera. LOL

I duno y my sweetie so easy cheat, they sae candle is choc. she 1/2 believe.
To make her believe, Vincent go n eat the candle! STUPID RITE! den he pui out! lol
Den after she bite the real chocolate, they told her is wax.
n she believed! OMG! lol
Aud~! i caught u eating oso! CHEESE CAKE! EeeEEE

Jacq: Come bday kiss my aiai!

Karen: jacq kiss? i LICK!

The 5 girls! lol

Ytd extra lesson.
My n honey take foto.. den the lec sae
"i duno wat u all come for extra lesson n take foto!"

Todae i wan to thanks AUDREYLEE n BRYCEANG
reali thanks for helping me in the PMR project.
Bryce although u slpy n yet u helped me! i reali reali v. touched!
i m willing to marry u!
Audrey! its nt the 1st tym u helped me..
u will nv noe how grateful i m..
n u willing to acc me till late. i feel v. happy!
but reali sorry to make u home so late~
Treat on me!
While waiting, saw Doris. my Pri sch fren!
den along the bus journey.. we were chatting.
reali all my pri sch childhood memories all back!
den we talk alot alot alot, like hu hu n hu etc.
missed my pri life. Those daes were so relax.

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