Thursday, November 06, 2008

This whole week stay back in sch
wat can i sae?

cos i dumb! LOL of cos not
cos i HARDWORKING LA! lol..

Mon stayed wif class..
But left me n Audrey alone..
We finished our WAD ard 6pm
den i left to meet Peiqi.

She was LATE!
so i went home to put stuffs.
den carried my ahbeng bag out.

Meet Junhao, Choonhao, Kelvin n their fren Zhisheng.
Went to Hk cafe for dinner..
luff luff luff n luff..

den rush home to finish up project n submit..

stayed with bin till 6 plus..
cos until 6plus den 51not much ppl le..
so nv stay too long
den he taught me maths..
den study study. lol.

submit e-learning
8plus woke up prepaare soup.
den i go back n slp...
the soup lasted for me & my brothers lunch n dinner
flert jerp rite. lol
i save damn alot of money! lol.

den now havin this faith tay lesson
class start to be evil~ like A,BJ
HAIS! i duno y same class with them.
so evil. keep luff at ppl.

den once she sae ok now brk
the whole class got out
no1 like her lesson
so super funny.
now i lookin in faith eyes n bloggin how zai i m?
pls praise me!
any typo dun blame me.

ok now the boys r back.. n i shall concentrate
before i end this post..
i would like to emphasize A, B n J are EVIL!!!

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