Wednesday, February 20, 2008

hmm.. all the people in the world shld have diff characters dont they?
even real sibling wont have the same characters.

my elder bro is those cool type of person.
but deep down inside him..
he is definately a joker. funny chap
always make my family luff.
but most of the time, he remain silence.
wont interact much wif us.
it all got to depend on his mood.
mum always sae " Ken, u got high IQ, but low EQ"
i always hear my mum says that to my bro.

my lil bro.
" headache" many might sae.
but he is actually v.cute lil boy here.
sec 2 but he is still a kid to me.
he is the most rebelious kid among the 3 of us.
but i dare to sae, he is not a bad kid.
playing games, wanna get into relationships all there r kinda natural i guess.
when he grow up, he will think abt it.

todae he almost walk out of the hse.
but lucky i woke up.
den went down to find him.
brought him back to hse.
dad n mum scolded him.
i went to chit chat wif him.
while talkin to him i was crying.
for wat! lol

bcos i recall when i was in my sec life.
those stories between me n my parents
when i retain, they dint scold me.
they console me
from that point onwards, i m super grateful to have such parents

hope he learn....

my family~

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