Thursday, February 07, 2008

hope u all studies step step high rise.
dragon horse very awake.
etc all from audrey
out of so many sms.. hers make me luff n shake head.
my heart OS is : " its is so audrey~" lol
she always make me luff like hell.

ok feel like uploading pic..
so let u all see my pretty face
in class.. took shar's cap n start take fotos.
shar' s cap. he always wear this.. lol

ok at home 大扫除。my room now super clean omg!
those who came to my hse shld noe.. my study table always full of books, paper stationary.
look at my bed.. so CLEAN! lol

ok.. my small portion of my tables.
all the books gone!

Look at my shevles. its DUST FREE!
n my laogong's album nicely placed there. lol

ok my table! HEHE v. clean rite?
onli left POLY paper work n my desktop.
omg! hahahas its sparkling CLEAN!
OK! its 1st dae of new year
wore the dress. which make me look FAT!
nvm nvm karen its ok~
Although look fat. but i till took pictures.
give me tym to slim down! lol
Journey from Serangoon to Yishun
i still can take foto. pro rite?
i dint make up. cos my cut my eyes. so cant make up.

ok.. last pic of the day! thats all~

tml going msia with family~ =)

take care ppl!

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