Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"GOSH~! Staying at home is killing meEeeE!!"
thats what i heard normally.

but to me..
"STAYING AT HOME~ is just so comfortable. i'm loving it"
but seriously, whats the big deal of staying at home or not?

i can just slept where n whenever i like.
be it toilet bowl,mum's bed, bros' bed, kitchen, living rm,store room and of cos my bed room.
be it 5am in e morning, 3 in e afternoon i can just close my eyes n SLP!
gosh.. this is just so KAREN~ haha..
cos all karen know is just to slp.. haha

i guess i should publish a book, title :"KAREN TEACH U HOW TO STAY AT HOME FOR 1MTH"
isnt it good?
for those who dislike staying at home, i will give u guys 1 for free.. lol.. share ard man.
e rest, go BUY!

now all my babies r busy, one work, one attachment, one social, one social as well, one study, one project blah blah blah.
i guess i m e most relax among all~
AINT U ALL ENVY OF ME? just admit it!
lol. SOUP
TADAH~ i love it.. stay at home n cook my CARROT soup.

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