Monday, October 08, 2007

These are the legenary 3 purses~ lol 2 guess.. one no brand.. [mine] HAHA!We[1f03] organised a chalet together.. gosh.. i love them lots..
they are just so steady.. lol

Meet Vincent n Jacq[honey] 1st at Serangoon.. den took bus 81 to Tampines.
its was damn we went to IKEA to have our lunch while waiting for Jasmine[Sweetie]
Den we ran all the way from IKEA to GIANT.
Along the way, we keep shouting "Amazing race.. Amazing race.. pls give way!"
lol.. cos too many ppl stuck at one place.. we cant pass thru
den we ran about at IKEA. damn funny! lol

After buying the grocery wif sweetie.. we Took a cab to Pasir ris.. lol
Honey used her sister NTUC member card to registered, so its cheaper.
but who noes we need her sister to be here.
Thus we have to top up 62 bucks.

We actually budget each of us pay 15 bucks.
There are only 9 of us. but its still fun!
In the end everyone have to pay $22.
i Love them cos.. they just share the cost wif us.. n paid on e spot.
Cos my previous chalet, i still have to ask ppl to pay up.
v weird n paiseh to chase ppl for money.
But my DEAR 1F03 they just pay up! o M G ! I LOVE THEM! lol
We settled the cost v.quickly.. den all share the cost for ESCAPE!
Seriously.. its e 1st tym i went.
its was COOL! lol

We took a foto, while the guys r quening up for the rides.
Top: Audrey[shoku], Sweetie.
Bottom: Honey, ME

i made a mistake but wearing a white short.
den when we played the Water splash..
my undergarment could be seen.. gosh..
its obvious cos its PINK. *shy*

Tadah. my lovely classmates came to my RESCUE!
the 3 of us change our Tshirt.
Audrey wore mine..
Honey wore Audrey
i wear honey's lol
cos honey tshirt she go buy so big.. dumb of her..
den jus nice can cover my butt.. lol.. love both of them to bits!

Thus my honey suggested us to take a foto 2gether~ tadah..
THE GIRLS! [jess nt here.. hais]

I dint expect to overnite. Cos i thinking of working the next day
but they forced my to stay.. so i Wore Kennedy big M shirt for the rest of the day
its v comfortable. lol
Combination of Shar's cap n Kennedy collar Tee
Here comes the VAIN FRIDAE!
*drum roll*
Seriously, can u see the big shirt of his?
but i like it! hahas
Now the Tee got my karen's smell.. kekes!
its nt smelly ok, wat i mean is.. every particular person have they own smell/ sense.
haha! wat m i talking
Ms audrey pushed our heads together.
GRRRRR... honey take foto again!
Come all my dear.. time for cam whoring~

look at them.. all lying down watching shows. lol
All of them watch show.. let me n wenbin.
so we decided to finish the Barcardi[40%]
we played alot of games. den i keep losing idiot.
look at my face~ its so RED!
You got to noe ur limit. lol
i m definately not drunk~
cos i still can CAM WHORE! lol
Snap Shot of me after one NEAT[nt sure if its spelt this way]
means one mouth of just pure barcardi. it can kill!

There are still lots of fotos with my honey n sweetie.
When they sent me, den i shall post up here.
Alot of stupid things done by VINCENT HONG! lol
he was RAPE! haha!!
In order to finish the alcohol, i gave everyone a small cup to drink.
den vincent hong sae its too 烈。till now he still drunk.
okok shall update soon!

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